A disability rights group in York is staging a demonstration today as part of their ongoing fight to reverse the blue badge parking ban.

Reverse the Ban is peacefully protesting outside the Barbican Centre, in Paragon Street, from 5pm to 6pm today (March 17) as the Liberal Democrats arrive in the city for their national Spring Conference.

It coincides with the group’s publication of a pre-election leaflet, which includes the positions of the ban being taken by the four political groups.

Flick Williams, disabled activist and one of the organisers of the protest said: "We have been writing and emailing prominent members of national Liberal Democrat leadership for more than two years now, without response.

"Are they ashamed of their York Councillor colleagues and what they have done to both disabled citizens and visitors to our historic city?

"We thought we would take this opportunity to go and ask them in person and see what they have to say for themselves.”

Diane Roworth, who speaks regularly at Council meetings about the ban: "Liberal Democrats will soon be contesting Council seats all across the country including here in York.

"Do they truly believe this exclusion of blue badge holders really reflects progressive values? We believe this policy directly contravenes our Human Rights."

Marilyn Crawshaw of York Human Rights City Network, said: "It is not our intention to tell people how to vote as Reverse the Ban is non-party political. 

"We are providing statements from the political parties themselves to help people when deciding how to cast their votes."

In November 2021, the City of York Council introduced a permenant ban on blue badge parking in the city centre, which followed the temporary ban during the pandemic.

Reverse the Ban, a coalition of charities, action groups and other disability and age related organisations in York, has allied together to press for the ban to be reversed.