I write regarding the lack of support from Cllr Andy D’Agorne for the Network Rail proposal to replace replace Copmanthorpe’s level crossing with a footbridge.

Cllr D’Agorne (The Press, May 18) claims the bridge would feel threatening for lone women and would not be accessible for people in wheelchairs.

But if women use the crossing now, which is unlit, what difference would it make?

There is nowhere for a person in a wheelchair to go at the other side of the railway - it’s a rough path across fields, and is inaccessible now to wheelchair users, as the gate will not allow wheelchair access. The only people using the crossing are lots of dog walkers, walkers, and runners.

Copmanthorpe residents can all see where this is going. Eventually, after the objections by people who never use the crossing, Network Rail will conclude that only a crossing next to the existing road bridge (a mile or so from the existing crossing) will do.

They will then close the crossing, and many, many months later, after ‘planning issues’, will conclude that the existing bridge is sufficient. Network Rail will have closed the crossing, which is their aim, and spent nothing - because people who don’t and can’t use the existing crossing are objecting on an agenda that cannot work.

Ian Thompson (a dog walker), Learmans Way, Copmanthorpe