In a survey collated by YouGov, Britain has voted York as the most popular city in the UK.

The city scored a 73% popularity rating, and 97% fame (meaning how much it has been heard of) and beat London to the top spot which ranked at 3rd most popular city.

Only 2% claimed to dislike York and 22% said they were neutral.

The city is known for its history and beautiful tourist attractions.

The age group for York’s popularity was broken down as: 66% from Millennials, 74% Gen X and 80% Baby Boomers.

Edinburgh came in second, with a popularity score of 72%.

This is further celebration for York, as it was recently named in the top 10 best cities in the UK by Conde Nast Traveller earlier in October. It came in 10th place, scoring 77.69.

Yorkshire hotels have also recently celebrated accolades, with the announcement of the Sunday Times Top 100 List revealing The Alice Hawthorne Hotel is the best in the North.

Two more Yorkshire hotels were listed in the top hotels for the North: Grantley Hall and Malmaison York.

Full list of most popular cities in the UK according to YouGov

1. York

2. Edinburgh

3. London

4. Cambridge

5. Oxford

6. Brighton

7. Liverpool

8. Portsmouth

9. Exeter

10. Manchester