BOXING Day 2015 is a day no York person will forget.

We all have our memories of that time.

For many people, the day will never be forgotten because the devastating floods cost them their homes and businesses.

At least until they could repair the damage - which took many months.

A lasting memory is of a city centre cut off from the world - and certainly, unless you had a dinghy, a canoe, or very high waders, you could not get from A to B.

I remember coming home from visiting family in Edinburgh, arriving at York Railway Staton and unable to take my usual route through town to my house in Fishergate. A friend picked me up and took me round the ring road. A journey that should have taken five minutes took 20.

It was nothing - a mere inconvenience compared to the devastation and loss faced by hundreds of people in the city.

The following day, wearing wellies, I splashed through waters at The Barbican and Fishergate Bar to reach The Press office - taking a detour to grab photos of a flooded Fishergate, Piccadilly and Walmgate.

I am sharing those photos for the first time here today.

York Press: Maxine's photo of a flooded Fishergate from December 28 2015Maxine's photo of a flooded Fishergate from December 28 2015

In all my years in York, I'd never seen anything like it.

We asked readers to share their photos and memories too.

Many posted images on our Facebook nostalgia page Why We Love York - Memories.

Carole Mennell-Walker sent in a photo wearing a lifejacket.

York Press:

Carole in her life vest

Carole said: "I came home from night shift in A&E and had to get a boat home."

June Caunt recalled a flooded Piccadilly Plaza on Boxing Day and said: "I lost my car in these floods, total write-off."

Lynne Kinder was out and about and shared several photos of the aftermath including a remarkable one of a flooded Foss Islands Road.

York Press:

Foss Islands Road, December 2015, by Lynne Kinder

Lynne also shared other dramatic snaps including one looking down into Walmgate, showing all the businesses flooded by the rising river.

Up at New Earswick, one reader had a lucky escape.

York Press:

The Foss in New Earswick, December 2015

Ruby Florence Lea posted this photo - her house marked in red - and said: "I'd never seen it so high."

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And here are some more photos from December 2015 from reader John Dowell - thanks for sharing.

Share your memories and stories of the Boxing Day floods of 2015

"Please send your photos and memories of the York Boxing Day floods to us - and we will share them with readers in The Press and online."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

John Dowell

How did the Boxing Day flood affect you?
Didn't affect me, but felt sorry for others who were.

Please send your photos with captions

York Press: Be careful driving down here!
Be careful driving down here!
York Press: No boat trips today.
No boat trips today.
York Press: Can't get under the bridge!
Can't get under the bridge!