OUR photo today shows members of a Mountain Rescue team paddling through the flood water of Huntington Road in York after the devastating floods of Boxing Day 2015.

It is almost five years since water from the River Foss burst through York centre, flooding scores of homes and businesses and cutting off the heart of the city.

The council said some 416 homes and 157 businesses were flooded after the Foss Barrier was breached in the hours after Christmas.

York's Huntington Road was one of the worst residential streets affected.

As the flood waters rose, many had to be evacuated and it was many months before they could return to their properties.

Over the course of a few days, York suffered its worst flooding in a generation.

On Monday 28 December, the Ouse peaked at 5.2 metres above its normal summer level.

But - as our photograph shows - the problems were not confined to the streets and properties beside the Ouse.

The shock failure of the Foss Barrier meant the Ouse floodwaters backed up the Foss for the first time since 1982.

About 500 homes alongside the Ouse, the Foss, Tang Hall Beck and Osbaldwick Beck were inundated.

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