COLLEAGUES at a York firm have missed their favourite pubs so much during lockdown that they have made a giant collage as a tribute.

RotaCloud is a staff management software provider and its staff decided to show their support for the troubled sector by creating a tribute image to some of the city’s much-loved pubs.

James Lintern, co-founder of RotaCloud, said: "This year has been pretty awful for most of us, but the pub industry especially has been particularly badly affected."

James explained how the project came about: “Like a lot of people we’re all still working from home and have been since March, and the whole idea came about on Slack - our office messaging app. We started a list of all the pubs that we loved and missed, and it just kept growing.

“We work really closely with the hospitality sector, so we’ve been talking to lots of local pubs like Valhalla, Walmgate Ale House, Pivni, and The Market Cat over the last few weeks about how they’ve been coping with the lockdowns, tiers, and restrictions - and they’ve all done an amazing job adapting.

"So we decided to make a tribute of sorts to some of our favourites, and between lockdowns various members of the team went and took pictures.

“The York pub scene is special and unique, and we don’t want to lose it. We just wanted to remind our favourite pubs that we love them, and we’ll be back as soon as we can.

"There’s bound to be loads of wonderful pubs that we’ve missed, but we’re going to keep updating the image with all of York’s fantastic locals - so if your favourite isn’t here, please let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll add them in.”

James added that the image is available for anyone to download.

He said if anyone wanted a high resolution version to print out as a poster or to use as a desktop background, it is available online at:

What pubs do you miss? Tell us your favourites and send us photos too of happy times at your local - via the Send Now button below.