THE PHOENIX pub has lived up to its name and risen to the challenge to reopen after lockdown.

Landlord Paul Rodgers has had to introduce new arrangements at the small, historic pub in George Street, to make sure it is Covid-safe for customers.

He said its size and compact, compartmentalised, lay-out made that a challenge - but one they have risen too.

And that's why The Phoenix is this week's Pub of the Week.

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Here's how Paul has brought The Phoenix back to life once again...

Tell us why The Phoenix deserves to be Pub of the Week in The Press.

It is a fantastic, unspoiled Victorian heritage pub at the heart of the community with one of the best beer gardens in York.

What is the best thing about this pub?

The atmosphere, the great care taken over the beer selection and the fact it's just such a nice place to sit and soak up the calm in a busy city.

What is the history of the pub?

Originally dating back to the late 18th century, the current internal character of the Phoenix Inn derives from a late 19th century refit.

York Press:

The Phoenix is one of the oldest pubs in York

Its front arrangement of public bar (originally the 'best smoke room'), side corridor with stand-up lobby, and top-glazed dividing screen, stem from 1897 designs for John Smith's brewery by Tadcaster architects, Bromet and Thorman.Adjacent to the Fishergate bar, The Phoenix Inn is the last surviving pub inside the city walls which served the old cattle market, held within Fishergate Bar until 1827. In the early 1800s it was known as Labour in Vain later becoming The Phoenix. It may have taken its present name from the Phoenix Iron Foundry, which was situated behind Fishergate Postern.

How does it keep its customers happy and coming back for more?

Friendly staff, safe environment, the ever changing beer landscape, the beautiful garden in September, the open fires in the winter and dog friendly all year round.

What challenges has it faced during the Covid-19 crisis?

Because it's so small, just being able to reopen has been a challenge. It's all about safety, not just being safe, but ensuring our patrons feel safe.

How has it adapted so it can reopen during the Covid-19 crisis?

The pub's Victorian interior is very compact and it has been challenging to make it Covid-secure, so the major change is a move to full table service. With help from the public's common sense, this allows us to manage capacity, maintain social distancing and create a safe drinking environment.

York Press:

The Phoenix beer garden

Has it won any awards. If so what and when?

We are currently included in Camra's Good Beer Guide.

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What type of drinks does it sell and what are the best sellers?

Real Ale is the big deal. We have five cask beers , mostly showcasing the best of our local Yorkshire brewing industry.

Does it sell food? If so, what sort and when?

No. Prior to Covid, we served a selection of locally baked Yorkshire pork pies. I'm looking to introduce them back in the near future.

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