A BUS company in York today welcomed a study into the possibility of bringing tram-trains to the city.

The Press revealed yesterday how a feasibility study was under way in to whether tram-trains - which are less expensive and more economical than rail trains - could be rolled out on the York to Harrogate railway line in to Leeds.

A First spokesman said: "We welcome this feasibility report that will look at further ways to encourage people to travel by public transport.

"Every city has to look at new and innovative ways to tackle the twin threat of congestion and climate change and York will benefit from any new schemes that complement the excellent bus and ftr services run by First."

Motoring company RAC welcomed the move.

A spokesman said: "We welcome investment in anything that will create extra capacity for the public in order to reduce congestion on our roads, as long as the scheme is well thoughtthrough and well implemented.

"Anything that gives the public the opportunity to use improved and efficient public transport, and gives people that option of safe and reliable commuting, rather than clogging up the roads, can only be a good thing."

Transport chiefs hope the study will show the scheme could also serve new development sites such as York Northwest, the large area of land on which the British Sugar factory is located, as well as the city centre.

Bosses also revealed that any such scheme could, in the long-term, provide a link between York and Leeds Bradford International Airport.

Tram-trains use existing rail networks, but new alignments can enable them to run on street in to town and city centres.

The move is part of a bid to reduce congestion in our region.

Metro said if tram-trains were introduced in York, they would complement existing measures to help reduce congestion, such as bus park and ride schemes.

Network Rail has revealed it was aiming to conduct a trial of tram-train technology in the UK.