MATT Jones, managing director of Dine which manages corporate hospitality, wedding celebrations and private parties at Howsham Hall, just outside York, is no stranger to hard work.

Originally planning a career in sport, Matt was first introduced to the event industry during his time at university as he needed some extra money whilst training to become a geography teacher. In 2001 Matt got a job at Dine, initially as a sandwich delivery driver, delivering 500 sandwiches a day to offices around Yorkshire. He eventually became part of the events team before becoming commercial director in 2009. In 2016 Matt was appointed managing director, taking over the role from founder Dan Gill.

Dine is an award-winning company established in 1998 to deliver Michelin quality dining to clients throughout Yorkshire. The business currently provides event planning, catering and venue management to more than 100 corporate events and 200 weddings each year.

Dine manages event services for organisations ranging from English Heritage and the National Trust to the owners of some of the UK’s most notable private houses and is constantly looking to expand its venue portfolio.

What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

“I remember thinking I’d love to do something involving sport, maybe physiotherapy or rehabilitation. I’ve worked since I was 13 and enjoy doing something physical which involves practical problem solving in a strong team environment.

“I’m also pretty obsessed with making things – tables, shelving, cabinets - so I would have loved to set up an online store selling bespoke creations.”

Greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement to date was increasing the company turnover by more than nine per cent in 2016. Applying innovation to everything we do boosted the turnover to £2.6 million with our outside catering division, Dine Events, making a sizeable contribution to the group result. I constantly strive to improve myself and the company so hope that we will top this in the coming years.

What makes you most angry?

“A lack of good planning. Like the devil, success is in the detail and good planning is fundamental to achieve this. If you do that well then it frees up your mind to be creative and do a better job for a client. Without good planning, we wouldn’t be able to provide the Dine difference to every client at every event.”

Biggest mistake?

“No matter how dreadful a mistake may seem at the time I believe that they are vital to learning and growing both in your career and in life. I have however always regretted getting on a sledge in February 1993 – I broke my leg in three places and it still hurts now when it’s cold. After a few glasses of wine, it becomes the only thing that stopped me from becoming a professional sportsman!”

What do you need to make life complete?

“Family are fundamental to making sure my life is complete. I consider a simple day enjoying brunch with my family followed by a good walk in the countryside, and then going to the cinema a perfect use of time which reminds me that I have everything I need.”

Why do you make a difference?

“I’m able to make difficult decisions for the good of the business. I always believe in my decisions and this translates into our numerous successes. As a leader, it is vital that you can convey your conviction in anything you do for your team to respect and listen to you.”


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