AS MANAGING director of JMG Townends insurance brokers, David Fryer is leading a mission to focus on local business growth after the joint venture between Townends Chartered Accountants and insurance broker JM Glendinning, relocated to York in 2015 from headquarters in Guiseley.

The broking business was originally part of Townends Accountants, one of the largest and independent accountancy firms in Yorkshire. Now, with JM Glendinning as its joint venture partner, the business has wider access to insurers and greater buying power to source competitive insurance products and services for its customers.

David is a keen cyclist and football supporter and over the last sevens has completed the ‘Pedal 4 Pounds’ cycling events which combines both passions in aid of charity. The Event is run by his favourite football team – Huddersfield Town FC – to help raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

“Having a passion for sport and travel I suppose I’d have to suggest an international sportsperson. I did dabble in football as a youngster though the furthest I got was Preston – not quite what I had envisaged.”

Greatest achievement?

“I’d like to think that’s still to come, however for the time being it has to be following Huddersfield Town for over 40 years!”

What makes you most angry?

“A lack of honesty. Honesty doesn’t cost anything yet creates so much.”

Biggest mistake?

“Too many to mention. I think if you don’t make any you’re not pushing enough. It’s learning from them and not making the same mistake twice that is key.”

What do you need to make complete?

“Switching off can be hard. So anything that creates some down time – my family, sport, a movie perhaps or a good book.”

Why do you make a difference?

“I prefer to quote the words of others at this point – ‘His customer centric focus and his insurer negotiation ability means he has always delivered results whilst exceeding client expectations. Unlike so many of his peers, David maintains his focus and desire through the ongoing servicing of his clients, always putting their needs first. David wins business because he is better than the rest and he retains it because his clients think he is the best’!


“I knew I should have forwarded that e-mail to 10 other people!”