A YORK independent school has lined up a new head teacher to take over in 18 months time.

The governors of Bootham School have named Christopher Jeffrey, head of Cheshire's The Grange School, as the new chief at the nearly 200-year-old school.

Mr Jeffrey will take over when the current head Jonathan Taylor retires in September 2016.

Mr Taylor said: “Chris’s outstanding work at The Grange, developing the ethos, curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities, resonates perfectly with what we’re doing at Bootham. He is just the right Head to take Bootham on towards its 200th anniversary in 2023 as a vibrant, adventurous and liberating school.

"As well as Chris’s hugely impressive track record, just as important from our point of view is the fact that he has consciously chosen to apply to Bootham for his second headship because of our Quaker ethos and progressive educational philosophy. ”

Mr Jeffrey has been Head of The Grange School in Cheshire since 2005, and is heavily involved in the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference serving as the chairman of its Welfare Working Group looking at student wellbeing in schools. He has a first class degree in history from the University of York and he and his wife Carol have three children.

Bootham was founded by York Quakers in 1823.

Mr Taylor said: “Having spent time with Chris over what was an intense, varied and consultative selection process, I am impressed by his deeply held commitment to these same values. He will be a good man for Bootham, and we will, over the next 18 months, be working together to ensure a smooth handover in September 2016.”