BRITAIN is in danger of being turned into a police state' as a result of its anti-terror strategy, the Archbishop of York has warned.

Dr John Sentamu said 90-day detention laws would be on a par with the approach of the tyrannical Idi Amin.

Speaking in the aftermath of the recent wave of terror arrests, the Archbishop said: "If you detain people, you must have good enough reason for detaining them and have a chance for there being a successful prosecution."

Home Secretary John Reid has sought to review the length of time for which terror suspects can be held without charge, but Dr Sentamu said he had not produced evidence showing a prosecution could be brought within 90 days.

Dr Sentamu said: "Why does he want these days? So the police do what? Gather more evidence? To me that becomes, if you're not very careful, very close to a police state in which they pick you up and then they say later on we'll find evidence against you. That's what happened in Uganda with Idi Amin."

In a strongly political interview, Dr Sentamu also urged people moving to the UK to treasure British values.

The Archbishop, who moved to Britain after fleeing Idi Amin's regime in the 1970s, said: "If you are in Britain and you're British, you should really cherish the traditions that are here.

"In a country like this to then say: I am going to kidnap somebody, I'm going to kill somebody, I will blow people up' - for whatever ideology that is about - it isn't good citizenship. If you don't actually subscribe to the things that make Britain, you're going to be in trouble."

Dr Sentamu said talking about "radicalised young Muslims" suggested a false glamour. He said: "For me they are people with evil intentions, breaking the law."

The Archbishop also looked at the United States' treatment of terror suspects.

He said: "I think people in Guantanamo Bay should be put before a court of law and if they've got no evidence, they should release them."

A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: "The Home Secretary has been discussing the issue of the limits on pre-charge detention in terrorist cases for some time with the leaders of the police service and others.

"The police service has now concluded that it is right and proper for the Government to address this issue and want the Home Secretary to discuss it with colleagues in Government and more widely.

Dr Sentamu was speaking to ITV News, as police continued to question nine people arrested in Birmingham last week over an alleged plot.

I'll take tea with Goody'

JADE Goody could be set to swap the Big Brother house for Bishopthorpe Palace.

The Archbishop of York said he would like to have tea with the controversial celebrity, to talk about her behaviour in the recent Channel Four show.

Dr Sentamu said: "We need to rediscover a bigger vision of what it is to be British.

"We have to make sure that people are making their home here and together we want to build a big enough tent to include everybody.

"You know what I'd love to do one day, is to have a conversation with Jade, have a cup of tea, and talk about what is it that makes a person in a show like that use such language, be so aggressive, when it's purely a television show. This shouldn't produce that kind of behaviour."