A YORK pub has opened a farmers' market in its car park during lockdown - and launched a food delivery service.

The Saddle Inn, Fulford, is running the market under a marquee at the back of the pub on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm.

Landlords Steven and Rebecca Eccles have also launched a take-away food service called "Saddlebags" on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays - delivering hot or oven-ready dishes to customers.

"I'm calling it Beccaroo," said Rebecca who is delivering the dishes. "It's obviously a play on words and we thought it was quite funny."

Pub chef Mike Cummings is in the kitchen making dishes such as pate, duck filo parcels and lasagne as well as full Sunday lunches for customers.

Meals cost £12.95 for one course; £16.95 for two, or £21.95 for three - and alcohol can be delivered too.

Most customers are local however Rebecca says she will consider expanding as long as it is not outside York.

Press readers may recall that The Saddle was named our Pub of The Week back in September after we learned how Steven and Rebecca had sold their car and computer to keep going during the first lockdown.

Rebecca said: "I am having to borrow a staff member's car to do deliveries."

She said they opened their marquee market this week to enable their suppliers, which include Fowler's fish mongers of York, to still sell their produce.

Customers can buy fish and meat as well as a selection of dairy products and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Rebecca said: "We opened last Monday and it is spreading through word of mouth. If people want anything, they can just ask for it and we will order it in for them."

She added: "Covid rules are being followed, face masks are worn and there is plenty of hand santiser available at each table. Track and trace is available to those that want to check in, however as most people don't spend more than 15 minutes in the open outdoor marquee it isn't a requirement."

Suppliers to the market include:

Fish - Fowlers of York

Meat - Butchers Block

Fruit & Veg - Millers Food service

                    Simon Baynes Wholesale

                    Hebden & Poole Fine Foods

Chalkboard - Mandy Miller - The Chalkboard Lady

She added: "We are offering our saddlebags on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3pm, first delivery, to 7:30, last delivery, using 'Beccaroo'.

" The menu will change every week and caters for most special dietary requirements and vegetarians."

On market days payment can be made by card, cash or paypal for those who are unable to collect

She added: "Our butcher and fishmonger take orders which can be collected - or delivered via Beccaroo if they are shielding or vulnerable - on the next market day

"We also can order most fresh fruit or veg should we not have what is wanted - although dragonfruit is proving a challenge!"