WHEN you go fragrance shopping, Maximise PM probably supplied the card strip you test it on.

It’s an impressive reach for a small York-based business operating from an unassuming office block in Clifton Moor.

Since it was established, the firm - a contender for Exporter of the Year - has supplied more than 50 million tester blotter cards and strips, exported to 55 countries, made a healthy profit and impressive turnover, employed a flexible workforce of nine, and built up a client base of well-known brands.

Through digital marketing, events and networking into industries that require scent as part of the final product, the firm has been able identify and expand into new markets, including scented candle oils, tea and coffee production and food production.

Its current global customer portfolio is 65 per cent perfumes and 35 per cent non-perfume, giving it good commercial coverage across multiple sectors.

The business was established by entrepreneur Andy Hudson, a proud Yorkshireman with roots in the community, so having its base in York was unquestionable.

It also works exclusively with Yorkshire-based suppliers for support with design, manufacturing, printing, storage and logistics.