GREEN Vets Services was founded with a desire to offer quality veterinary services in an ethical, environmentally-responsible way.

Many veterinary businesses follow standard formulas dictated by ever larger corporate structures, in contrast, Green Vets is fiercely independent, they say.

They believe this gives them the freedom to rethink every little detail.

Green Vets is now a contender for two awards - Socially Responsible Business of the Year and Business Innovation of the Year.

They explain: “We made environmental sustainability our founding principle.

"When we chose our site, accessibility was key. This is especially important for those within our community that are elderly or disabled, but also applies to our clients in general, who prefer to walk their dog to the surgery, eliminating the need for a car journey.

"For that reason we have chosen to locate in the heart of a residential area, rather than on a soulless, remote industrial estate.”

The building has been kitted-out with high quality, environmentally-friendly fixtures and fittings.

They say: “All our uniforms, animal bedding and mop heads are made from cotton.

"By avoiding synthetic material, we eliminate the problem of plastic microfibres draining out of our washing machines that otherwise would pass straight through wastewater treatment plants into the sea.

"Our animal bedding is in fact all recycled and donated by our lovely clients.

“All of the electricity we use in the practice is sourced purely from renewables,” they say.

In addition, the business is applying for a grant to finance the industry’s first electric veterinary ambulance.

They explain: “We’ve rescued a buggy from a skip and upcycled it to become our mobile first aid unit that we tow behind our bikes.

"During the weekends we provide fresh water and first aid to hot and bothered canines around York’s popular dog walking spots.”