CHRIS Pegg's core responsibility is enhancing York City Football Club’s commercial profile and driving growth.

In the short time he has been delivering the club’s marketing campaigns, Chris is said to have made an incredible impact: ‘bringing optimism and a community feel to a club suffering with recent misfortune’.

Chris has implemented a new e-commerce platform to secure hundreds of orders in just over a month, and he has optimised new revenue streams, such as commercial photography and new hospitality packages.

In addition, he has brought new sponsors and partners into the club.

A strategic communicator, creative thinker, brand promoter and solution provider, Chris delivers effective marketing campaigns and has a meticulously strategic approach to business development.

He has now been nominated for Business Personality of the Year in recognition of his achievements.

Chris’ nominee says: “He provides direction and leadership to the organisation and fellow employees of the club, developing and managing performance through setting challenging and ambitious targets, leading the initiatives for future plans and developments (i.e. the new stadium).

“Both personally and professionally, Chris develops his skills and experience, taking pride in stepping outside of his comfort zone with a fail-fast attitude to success.

"Professionally, this is shown through continuous training and research, his ability to take on new projects and drive them to success. In a personal capacity, this translates into a love for the outdoors and adventure, in personal competitiveness, and in his desire to empower others to bring out the best in themselves.”

It concludes: “Chris provides transparency, an aura of optimism and a warm personality and as a team we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving to win this award.”