The Potions Cauldron aspires to be ‘the most magical drinks emporium in the world’.

Launched in October 2018, the company was inspired by the tales Harry Potter and the links that York’s Shambles has to these. Its aim was to create an experience retail environment that would be visited by Harry Potter fans, and not just another store selling branded merchandise.

It is now vying for the Retail, Tourism and Leisure Business of the Year and New Business of the Year titles.

The store is set as an antique apothecary, and based around the tale of fictional potion-maker Phileas Fry.

They explain: “We set about creating drinkable potions that could be enjoyed by wizarding fans, but also have a wider appeal with a hidden secret. Made with a secret shimmery ingredient the potions come to life when the bottle is twisted, and are fast becoming a social media phenomenon.”

Since launching the drinks in late April, the business has seen a 300 per cent increase in turnover, selling more than 15,000 bottles. Further reward was achieved by winning wholesale customers such as Castle Howard, York and Edinburgh Dungeon, and Flamingo Land.

The business is forecasting a production run in excess of 100,000 bottles for 2020 and it has drawn interest from some major retailers and attractions.