MAPLE Tree Design designs and develops websites and other digital products from the ground up to help customers to develop a strong market presence.

Launched in June 2019, the firm has pulled its collective weight as a team to push for the highest quality of product. The firm assessed a potential for web development in the Selby area, and since then have been working hard to reach out to as many business owners as possible to promote itself to prospective clients. Through this process it has managed to develop a large array of contacts within the area.

It promotes itself as a fun and friendly organisations with a real focus on quality, using an array of social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, sharing thought-invoking articles, design tips, but most crucially the success of its team, the business and any partners it works with or alongside.

Maple Tree Design, a contender for New Business of the Year, aims to use video platforms to produce tutorial videos, giving future web developers an insight into the application of critical skills. The firm plans to back this up by reaching out to educational providers and offering its experience and knowledge to share real-world experience in schools