Creased Puddle is a training and consultancy business which specialises in Neurodiversity - the notion that everyone’s brain thinks differently.

It is a relatively new concept, and gaining the right traction and support has not been easy, explained founder Caroline Turner, who completed 23 years as a police officer qualifying to the rank of inspector in York. During that time, she worked on major incidents, was a family liaison officer and supported vulnerable victims.

Proving the business case has been an uphill struggle for Caroline and she has worked, unceasingly, to demonstrate it. With only a small budget for a website, the launch of Creased Puddle has been about engaging with social media on free platforms and networking.

Caroline has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and has always had an innate drive to be the best at everything she turns her attention to. She describes ADHD as her ‘superpower’.

Her business which is in the frame for New Business of the Year offers training for line managers, human resources and occupational health professionals. Creased Puddle also carries out workplace assessments and, with the support of line managers, assesses how a business can get the best out of their neurodivergent staff.

She was recently asked to become a director at the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals.

Caroline has become a speaker for Neurodiversity at events across the UK.

In the first four months of this year, Creased Puddle has doubled its first year’s turnover.

Caroline has built a supporting team of local and national professionals so that businesses can access legal advice from specially trained lawyers, coaches and psychologists.

She said: “As a start-up with no business contacts, experience or blueprint I’ve had to prove my value and the value of my offering to the existing business community. I’ve grabbed every opportunity, networking event, and platform. As a result, I have been granted an audience with some amazing business women and men in York, and beyond, who have guided my judgement.”