TAILOR-Made Media was born of a desire to provide marketing services to clients in a way that is open and transparent.

Formed by Samantha Ware, whose experience as a brand-side marketing manager saw her manage numerous PR and marketing agencies, Tailor-Made Media has strived to provide value-for-money online and offline marketing solutions.

To provide such value to clients, it has been essential that Samantha hired the right team: Tailor-Made Media now counts several senior industry figures across its content, digital and client services functions, whose time-served experience wins the agency accounts over similar outfits where more junior staff are used to service client requirements.

The financial performance of the agency to date is strong, with retainers and projects correctly priced from the outset. This stems from an understanding that clients would prefer to have the best value for money over the cheapest deal.

This approach means that clients pay a fair rate for a much more experienced team, which, in turn, allows Tailor-Made Media to motivate its talent with a competitive rate of pay across the board.

Tailor-Made Media which is vying for the Small Business of the Year title has invested in specialists in many areas of the marketing mix; namely search engine marketing, social media, PR, content, lead generation, design and web development.

The recruitment process ensures that individuals with deep expertise in specific areas are hired as crucial parts of a jigsaw, which, in turn, means that the business feels it can present clients and prospects with one of the most compelling agency teams outside of London.

With an eye on the future, Samantha is leading the team into new territories, such as wider business planning for clients.

As Tailor-Made Media continues to grow up, it is likely to provide ever more transformative marketing solutions to its clients.