• 'Kids unit is vital'

    AT the age of 13, Suzy Bedingham suffered a devastating blow when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The disease, which rarely strikes women so young, led to one of her ovaries being removed and extensive chemotherapy which could have left her infertile

  • We're all chocolated out

    I KNOW this will sound like the worst sort of sacrilege to some people, but is there too much chocolate in the world? Chocolate is absurdly plentiful these days, spilling out of almost every shop you enter. A stationery shop I went into the other day

  • England exports

    EVER since the King And I screen musical of the 1950s, actress Deborah Kerr has defined the perfect English governess. Just when you thought modern education had wiped out these prim live-in nanny-teachers, along comes York resident and Cambridge graduate

  • Ryedale towns warned over 'bleak' future

    BUSINESS chiefs in Malton and Norton will face "bleak years" ahead unless they back a new rural boom town scheme, they have been warned. Paul Beanland said it was very important the towns' drive to become a business improve district (BID) succeeded. Mr

  • Fan plots cash for players scheme

    YORK City have begun a "Push for Promotion" appeal after lifelong fan Michael Oglesby donated £5,000 towards a transfer kitty for manager Billy McEwan. Oglesby's company Ardent Finance have offered the money to the KitKat Crescent club for use during

  • Rat pack living in garden

    RATS are running around the garden of a young York single mum, and she is likely to have to pay the council to have them removed. Fuming Gemma Faulkner, from Meam Close, in Osbaldwick, first began having problems with rats after one of the rodents found

  • Union threat to shut down York services

    YORK could be brought to a standstill if the Government continues to press ahead with cuts to local authority pension schemes, a union leader claimed today. Local government workers ranging from teaching assistants to refuse collectors are being balloted

  • Civil servants send striking message

    HUNDREDS of civil servants working in York and North Yorkshire started a two-day strike today in protest at Government plans to axe jobs. The workers, in all areas of the Department of Work and Pensions, are protesting at proposals to axe 30,000 jobs

  • Murder victim's husband 'in UK'

    A FORMER University of York student who disappeared shortly before his wife and baby daughter were found murdered at their American home is believed to have returned to the UK - and may be with his family. Neil Entwistle, 27, is thought to have been on

  • York head rankings

    JUNIOR rowers from York City Rowing Club collected a pile of medals at the Boston Head of the River race over 3,000 metres on the River Witham in Lincolnshire. The river was unusually low but there was very little wind and the conditions remained constant

  • Finance experts sent into Selby and York health trust

    EMERGENCY teams are to tackle the mounting cash crisis facing NHS chiefs. The announcement came as Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt "named and shamed" Selby and York Primary Care Trust (PCT) as one of 18 NHS organisations across the country which need

  • Blows for York teams

    YORK Indoor Bowls Club teams have endured a nightmare few days. They were thrashed 83-44 by Cumbria in the Yetton Trophy zone final 83-44, lost 79-67 to Hull in the Yorkshire League and went down 92-58 to Featherstone in the Hebden Trophy. Yetton Trophy

  • Brand new school for York

    A BRAND new £17.5 million state-of-the-art secondary school cannot be built at York's Manor School because the site is too small. The Evening Press can exclusively reveal the school could move to a greenfield site currently earmarked for a Park&Ride

  • Barbican pool plan scrapped in shock move

    PLANS to replace the Barbican swimming pool have been abandoned - but a £4 million new pool is being proposed in Acomb to replace Edmund Wilson baths. City of York Council leader Steve Galloway today unveiled dramatic new proposals for the Barbican site

  • Mum's not the word for Blair

    WHY does Mr Blair assume that all single mums can healthily hold down a job while looking after their children? Through Work And Pensions Secretary John Hutton, he comes up with ideas to encourage more into work, implying that looking after a family in

  • Food for thought

    I HAVE to respond to recent letters regarding hospital food. Carol Miller assumes quite wrongly that Mr Simpson must work in the kitchens because of his views (Letters, January 21). I can assure her that he does not, but I do. I am a service operative

  • Good meals

    WITH reference to the letter "Disgusting Food" (January 21), I do not agree with Carol Miller. I was an emergency admission to York Hospital recently. I spent ten days on Ward 29 and was treated with kindness from the ambulance personnel, the surgical

  • Flying the flag

    I AM somewhat bemused by Gordon Brown's efforts to celebrate a British Day. We are so often told that we live in a global economy, so what is so significant in being British? We have sold off nearly all our industries, many to foreign investors. There

  • On song

    FURTHER to Mr Bonner's letter (January 10), I assume he is referring to Performing Rights Society (PRS) licences which were introduced to ensure copyright holders receive their just rewards. The key words in his letter are "playing of music in public

  • Slap in the face for York's youngsters

    THE city council is proud both to promote York as a "City of Festivals" and to encourage tourists to celebrate its culture and heritage. It's a shame, then, that the council extends neither that pride nor that encouragement to York's own young people.

  • The chain gang

    I READ with interest the letter referring to the many times Unchained Melody has been a hit (January 24) and can add another three artistes to the list. The main man being Elvis Presley, who often sang it at his shows while seated at the piano. Roy Orbison

  • Loyal fans to miss out

    AT a time when York City are complaining about low attendances it seems strange that the club is apparently persisting in shooting itself in the foot by not resolving the unfortunate fixture clash with the Knights on Sunday, February 12. Admittedly, City's

  • 722 versions

    AS of August 2003 there were 722 versions of Unchained Melody, both vocal and instrumental. Trevor Bailey, Adelphi House, Acomb, York. Updated: 09:07 Thursday, January 26, 2006

  • Lay off referees

    WHEN will Sir Alex Ferguson learn to stop criticising referees? After the game with Liverpool on Sunday, Sir Alex was fuming that the ref didn't give United an early decision. Just to let Fergie know, video evidence has proved that Steven Gerrard had

  • Way we were

    Thursday, January 26, 2006 100 years ago A meeting of the Ouse and Foss Navigation Committee of the York Corporation was held where the terms of the agreement with Messrs Leetham were again brought before them. Under the agreement arrived at in 1888 Messrs

  • Looking to the skies to aid sports injured

    NEW Earswick All Blacks player Mark Tipping is to take part in a static line parachute jump on April 15 to raise money for players who have suffered horrific injuries while playing rugby. Tipping, who admits to "being terrified of heights and not keen

  • Pool project scuttled

    WHEN the Labour-controlled City of York Council announced it was to close at least one of our municipal swimming pools, it caused an outcry. More than 26,000 people signed the Evening Press Save Our Swim petition, a massive tide of public support backed

  • 'Don't forget to take care while internet shopping'

    SHOPPING on the internet is one of the most convenient ways of buying goods these days, but things can go wrong - and should this happen, it is important that consumers know their rights. When you have bought most items - not including food items - over

  • First win hope - 26/01/06

    The speedy Blue Maeve can provide Ryedale trainer Alan Brown with a long-awaited winner at Wolverhampton tomorrow. Many will remember Brown as a highly successful jump jockey in the 1970s, when he was attached to the Peter Easterby stable and associated

  • Brand new school for York

    A BRAND new £17.5 million state-of-the-art secondary school cannot be built at York's Manor School because the site is too small. The Evening Press can exclusively reveal the school could move to a greenfield site currently earmarked for a Park&Ride

  • Hunters look to expand brand

    HUNTERS, the massively-growing York-based estate agency, today flagged up plans to franchise its brand across the UK, generating 200 extra jobs for the city over the next five years. The £9 million turnover company, which already employs 185 people across

  • Barry White has mass Appeal

    FORMER Yorkshire Forward senior press officer Barry White has been appointed as a full-time consultant to Harrogate-based Appeal PR Mr White, who joined the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Development Agency in 2003 following almost six years heading up

  • £130k road plan bill defended

    COUNCIL chiefs spent nearly £130,000 on the report outlining the traffic masterplan for York Central. Coun Ann Reid, the authority's planning and transport boss, told a full City of York Council meeting a total of £129,000 had been invested over the past

  • New blow for NHS services

    THE shortfall in NHS dentists in York and North Yorkshire is about to get worse, with two more practices announcing they are to go private. Dentists at Acomb Dental Centre, in York, and N Mediratta dental surgery, in Tadcaster, have told their patients

  • Airfield noise row

    THE row over noisy vehicle testing at an airfield near York could end up being resolved at a two-day court hearing in March. Local residents and noise experts could be asked to give evidence in court, if the case goes ahead. As reported previously, City

  • Saddling up for their honeymoon

    HONEYMOONS are usually a time for relaxation and spending some intimate time with your new partner. But this York couple plan to spend theirs cycling across Cambodia, for charity. Simon Murphy and Jules Wyman are about to face the challenge of a lifetime

  • Brief encounter in York studio

    WILL York city councillors drop their political differences and present a united front opposing bus company First's outrageous fare increases? No chance. The Diary has learned that transport boss Ann Reid will not even sit in the same room as her opposite

  • Smith on the move

    KEVIN Smith has become the first player to leave Leeds United during the January transfer window and with only a few days to go, Kevin Blackwell's hopes of strengthening his squad now look slim. The Edinburgh-born forward, who has moved to Sunderland

  • Second helping

    YORK Acorn ARLC's hopes of reaching the fourth round of the GMB Union National Cup have not been helped by last week's postponement. The Blue and Golds once again face the long trip to Hensingham on Saturday for a fourth-round tie which was put back seven

  • Fans in a fix

    FANS who follow both York City and York City Knights could yet see their favourites in action on the same day - if at least one new kick-off time can be agreed. Supporters are set to miss out as the clubs have so far failed to resolve a fixture clash

  • Wanted: new deal

    I DON'T agree with John Robson's view that people complaining about the large bus fare rises are "whingers" (letters, January 20). However, I do think that a large amount of letters have been printed complaining about the rises, but no letters have been

  • Legal costs

    I RAISE my hat to members of the Save Our Barbican group who have had the courage to bow out of an appeal in the face of possible extortionate legal costs. Had this group resided in Osbaldwick the problem may not have arisen. Osbaldwick Parish Council

  • Under fire

    MR Wilson wrote in to criticise the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's structurally unsound, abandoned, five-year-old "pioneering" apartment block in Leeds - the "collapsing" CASPAR development (Letters, January 12). The foundation seems incapable of answering

  • Razzle-dazzle

    I HAVE noticed recently that quite a lot of car and van drivers drive with their front fog lights on. This is even during daylight hours, in town, and when there is not a hint of mist. Besides them tending to dazzle oncoming drivers, if the visibility

  • Unchained Elvis

    THE king himself, Elvis Presley, also sang the song Unchained Melody. Wendy Dack, Lindsey Avenue, Acomb, York. Updated: 09:07 Thursday, January 26, 2006

  • Celebration antics

    FIFA's ruling over goal scoring celebrations would appear on the face of it to be trivial. I can quite understand the adulation generated by players and football supporters alike. To be worshipped like Greek Gods at the Spartan Games is not without its

  • Site too small

    IF the new Manor School is built to specification, it should become a jewel in York's educational crown. But the plans have not got off to the perfect start. Three months after the announcement of Manor's expansion, it has now been revealed its existing

  • Derek wants to be spooken to

    Is York about to provide an answer to life's greatest mystery? CHRIS TITLEY speaks to a man who believes it might. IF all goes to plan - and even Britain's most prolific psychic cannot predict these things - conclusive proof of an afterlife will be captured