Bishopthorpe Kaisho Karate Club can boast a British champion after nine-year-old Jacob Mortimer won gold at the WIKF National Karate Championships, writes James Jeavons.

Mortimer won his fighting class at the Wado International Karate-Do Federation competition, heading an impressive haul of 12 medals for the York club.

The run of medals was started by the Rice brothers, with 11-year-old Henry and nine-year-old Charles taking bronze in their respective kata classes.

Owen Lewis, 11, took silver in his class, while Owen Bassett, also 11, missed out on a medal by a few points.

In the kumite – or fighting – events, cadets Ian Goodwin and Alex Gibby, both 15, took bronze in their team category, with fellow Bishopthorpe members Angus Gibby, Jack Scott and Mortimer taking silver in the ten to 11-year-old section.

In the individual fighting bouts, Angus Gibby and Lewis both secured bronze medals in their respective classes, with Scott winning silver and only missing out on the gold medal because of an injury.

Sensei Brian Hughes, Bishopthorpe club coach, said: “I was so impressed with the focus and spirit which our students displayed in their fighting.

“I just knew gold was within our reach and that’s exactly what young Jacob Mortimer delivered.”

Head instructor Sensei Brian Williams said: “I am really proud of my students and what they achieved.

“It is a real testament to all of their hard training.”