YOUNG cancer battler Jamie Inglis is still clear of the disease six months after he finished his high-dose chemotherapy treatment.

The four-year-old has recently undergone three different scans to detect any cancer cells – with all three results coming back clear.

Jamie, from Elvington, near York, is in the USA receiving revolutionary treatment to reduce the chances of the neuroblastoma cancer ever returning.

Writing on her online blog, mum Vicky said: “It’s been six months since Jamie finished dose chemo and received his stem cell transplantation, and in many cases, children relapse within this short time.

“But Jamie is still clear from cancer six months later. He is thrilled as he truly understands what this means. He is a very bright boy who knows far too much about cancer, more so than you or I.

“Of course he is by no means cured, but this is the best news we can hope for. We will continue to hope and fight for as long as needed – probably the rest of our lives.”

She said Jamie was now returning to the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia to start his fourth cycle of pioneering immunotherapy treatment.

Earlier this year, readers of The Press helped Jamie’s family raise £250,000 to send him to America for the antibody treatment.

During his first round of treatment, he contracted shingles and was admitted to hospital for seven days and during the second round he suffered an adverse reaction to the antibody and was referred to intensive care for four days.

She said: “We are bracing ourselves for a worrying time over the next ten to 12 days, but Jamie is in very safe hands and we have complete confidence that any situation will be managed quickly and successfully.

“However, we won’t be able to breathe properly until this cycle is over.

“Keep all of those positive vibes coming our way please, as this is the most difficult part for Jamie.

“Once this cycle is over we are on the race to the finishing line.”

Anybody who would like to make a donation to support Jamie’s ongoing treatment is invited to visit the family’s online fundraising page,