From our archives:

85 years ago

The Lord Mayor of York Alderman H Rhodes Brown received a hearty welcome as Chief Magistrate of the City at York City Police Court.

Mr E R Dodsworth, one of the senior magistrates, congratulated the Lord Mayor on his election again to the office and said he was already well acquainted with the duties.

On these occasions it was customary to use a phase which was a very popular one-to temper justice with mercy.

York City Council had decided that the transport services of the city would be merged with those of the West Yorkshire Road Car Company.

It was understood that a bill would be promoted with the object of getting Parliamentary sanction to the proposal, and that it could take up to twelve months for the Bill to become operative.

And Mrs J A Mollison otherwise known as Miss Amy Johnson had landed at Senia, after flying 1,100 from Lympne in 13 hours to refuel her machine, Desert Cloud, before continuing her flight to the Cape.

50 years ago

Ian Patrick MacLagan, organist with the Small Faces pop group, spent about 15 minutes in a cell waiting for surety to arrive.

Magistrates at Uxbridge had added a second surety of £500 to bail for MacLagan, who is charged with being in possession of cannabis resin at Heathrow Airport and with attempting exportation of a dangerous drug.

Former child film star Shirley Temple Black, a 39-year-old mother of three, was overwhelmingly defeated in her bid to capture a seat in the House of Representatives.

In a surprise result of the 11th Congressional District at San Mateo, California, a liberal fellow-Republican, Paul McCloskey, headed the ballot.

And the residents of York had switched on their TVs to watch York University get beaten by Cardiff on University Challenge.

20 years ago

Miners at Selby coalfield had something to celebrate following the announcement of a crucial deal to supply an electricity generating company.

RJB Mining plc said it had successfully concluded negotiations with the Eastern Group to supply four million tonnes of coal a year.

Former BBC political editor John Cole had taken to the stand at York Diocesan Synod to answer questions on matters of unemployment and Selby Gymnastics Club was seeking sponsorship to enable them to buy leotards and tracksuits to be worn by squad members during competitions.