RECORD low stock numbers, political uncertainty and the aftermath of tax changes are obstacles hindering Yorkshire and Humber’s housing market, according to the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) UK Residential Market Survey, as price growth and sales activity subdued during the month of July.

The institution asked 300 chartered surveyors in the region and just 16 per cent saw house prices rise and the number of homes on agents’ books fell to a new all-time low, leading to sales activity falling in the region last month.

However, two York-based members who took part in the survey told The Press that the city sees different market forces than other areas in the region and the picture is not quite so bleak..

Ben Hudson, managing director of Hudson Moody, said: "York is always a bit more sought after, but there is still the same problem here of lack of supply and not enough of the right properties being available

"We share the extra problem of economic uncertainty over Brexit and I predict that the market will remain cautious for at least the next three months and then pick up.

"What we really need is a strong government to see the situation really improve."

John Reeves, chairman of the Helmsley Group in York said York is like a mini-London of the north and many local people are priced out.

"At the lower priced end of the market we find demand good but lack of supply is going to be an ongoing issue and supply of big, quality homes in York is very limited," he said.

" I believe we will see a period of price stability in general, but to the detriment of some less well off people and rising prices in the medium to long term."