ONCE again Christian Vassie is venting his anger in these columns over the democratic referendum vote on Brexit not going how he wished (The Press, August 3).

I think when Brexit is finally settled, and who knows when that will be, there will probably be little differences to life as we know it now.

Christian Vassie likes facts. Well, let us look at some.

We have about a £60 billion trading deficit with the EU. We are the largest importers of German cars.

I remember in the town I lived in at the time, the Renault dealer was down a side street in a wooden shack.

In the town 12 miles up the road, the Renault dealer was a filling station on the outskirts of town.

Look at them now. Who was it that bought their cars?

Once again I have to point out to him that Greece (a member of the EU) is a bankrupt country. The EU hasn’t done much for them.

Italy has been more or less left to sort out the economic migrant/refugee crisis, and has blamed the rest of the EU for not helping them enough.

We are still a European country, it is just that we will not be part of the EU club.

W Harrison, St Oswalds Road, York