A YORK MP has urged residents to send her photographs of poor road repairs after complaints by her constituents.

Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central, has visited the South Bank area of the city after receiving complaints over damaged and uneven footpaths.

Residents throughout York have claimed the problems only started after Virgin Media installed new broadband and Ms Maskell met with residents from Butcher Terrace to discuss their concerns and to see some of the problems first hand.

One resident said the remedial work carried out to repave the footpaths was “like something a child had done”, and Ms Maskell has organised a meeting with Virgin Media early next month to raise residents’ complaints - which include a deterioration in the neighbourhood, increased graffiti and litter.

Ms Maskell said: “The pavements have been left in a terrible state in some areas. They are uneven, cracked and not safe for people with mobility or visual difficulties. They also present a problem for people in wheelchairs or struggling with pushchairs. It is very easy for people to trip up and hurt themselves.

“The repairs are simply not good enough and I am meeting with Virgin to find out what they are doing to put this right. I want to show Virgin the mess their work has caused so I am asking people who have had problems to send me photographs”.

Earlier this month, Lyndsey Seddon from Curzon Terrace said residents had received no warning about the works, with workers digging around and underneath parked cars.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Media said at the time letters were posted to residents in Curzon Terrace in advance of the works taking place, and their contractors were carrying out work “with professionalism and at the highest standard”.

Photos should be emailed to rachael.maskell.mp@parliament.uk or sent to 59 Holgate Road, York.