A NEWLY re-opened pub has been granted an extra level of protection from developers.

The Deramore Arms in Heslington has been listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) by City of York Council.

Heslington Parish Council applied for the arrangement, which means developers must give locals six months notice of their plans should they wish to put together a bid to buy the premises, before it was re-opened.

No proposals are currently in the pipe line for the pub, but ACVs are usually put in place to help regulars fight off planning applications should they arise.

A statement compiled by the parish council set out a number of reasons why it should become an ACV, including its use as a meeting place for the community and providing post match entertainment for university sports teams.

It said: “When it is open, the pub appeals to different social groups by offering an alternative to other amenities in the area that appeal to other demographics.

“It had a thriving local community of patrons that used it not only for socialising but formed domino and darts teams which actively participated in local leagues.

“The pub was a popular venue for occasions such as weddings or birthday receptions as well as hosting wakes after funerals - given it was able to provide a high standard of catering in spacious surroundings, plus it has copious parking facilities and is easy to get to from the A64 and Fulford.”

Cllr Keith Aspden, councillor for Fulford and Heslington, said: “The Deramore Arms is a village pub serving a varied range of customers including local residents.

“This is deserved recognition for a great community asset in Heslington.”