From our archives:

85 years ago

Two of New York’s most powerful gangsters had put out an appeal to help find their baby son who they claimed had been kidnapped.

After five days’ activity the police confessed to be baffled by the crime as they hadn’t received any communication from the kidnappers.

A fire at the electro experimental farm of Mr Borlase Matthews, near Lingfield, had destroyed and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to its power houses and wooden workshops.

Motor engines, electrical machinery, and a motor car had also been destroyed in the blaze.

Thankfully the farm buildings used by company had been saved by the quick response of the Lingfield fire brigade.

And the 37th York-Acomb Wesleyan Girl Guides and Brownies gave a concert at Acomb Wesleyan Schoolroom.

50 years ago

Major General D G T Horsford was due to become General Officer Commanding for the Yorkshire District.

The 50-year-old General would be responsible for all units of the regular army, Territorial Army and the new Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve throughout the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire.

Playpax, a new plastics toy being manufactured by Trendon, the Old Malton plastics firm, was proving very popular at the United States national toy fair, New York.

In a pre-show deal 2,000 sets had been sold and another ordered 10,000 had been ordered on the first day of the show.

Although it had only been on the market for a two months, the toy was already in demand in 13 foreign countries around the world.

20 years ago

Bouncers at a York nightclub were to carry out airport-style security scans on revellers as part of a new police scheme to cut violent crime.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the country, the scheme saw door staff at Toffs in Toft Green, issued with metal detectors to uncover hidden knives and other offensive weapons as punters queued up to enter.

Almost a thousand homes to the west of York were left without power when a hang glider hit an overhead power line before plunging to earth.

It was believed the experienced hang glider pilot was coming into land at Rufforth airfield on the B1224 when he struck the power lines and plunged into a field on the York side of the outer ring road.