WITH Easter on the way, a York chippie is getting into the spirit by serving deep fried Creme Eggs. Delicious or disgusting? Rebecca Elmer finds out...

DRAKES Fisheries on Low Petergate have taken deep fried confectionary to a new level - by deep frying pretty much any type of chocolate for their customers.

The Easter speciality is Creme Eggs, costing £1.75 to take away and £3.65 for a sundae complete with whipped cream and ice-cream alongside the battered egg.

“As far as I know, we are the only restaurant to do this in York," joint manager of the restaurant, Max Potts, said, “I know that the Creme Egg isn’t unique to us, but I’d say the chocolate range that we offer is unique. I don’t know anywhere else that lets you bring your own chocolate in.”

Before trying the unusual delicacy, I asked what customer’s responses had been so far.

Max said: “It’s normally uncertainty and sometimes disgust.

“One customer commented that it sounded disgusting but tasted unbelievable.”

It’s true. Coated in yellow-brown batter and buried in a mountain of ice cream, the deep fried treat is hardly the most visually pleasing snack.

But, it’s crunchy on the outside and gooey in the centre, with plenty of rich melted chocolate to tantalise your taste buds.

It’s hardly appropriate for my breakfast, but it’s the perfect indulgence for a post fish and chips pudding.

Max, who has owned the business for six years, emphasised the egg doesn’t contain as many calories as some might fear.

He said: “People say that it’s a lot of fat and a lot of calories, but it’s only a light coating of batter. The actual batter seals the chocolate so no oil gets inside the chocolate.

“The nutritional value of a Creme Egg is around 165 calories, but you won’t be adding much more than 60 or 70 calories with the batter.

“It’s a very light coating and the oil is well drained. So in that respect it’s not as calorific as people might think.

“Chocolate’s chocolate, if you’re willing to be a devil and eat it then why not go the extra mile.”