by Rebecca Elmer

A MUSIC studio in York has received more than £4,000 in donations after it was devastated by the floods.

Sam Holdstock, owner of Melrose Yard Studios in Walmgate, lost more than £5,000 of equipment and has £20,000 worth of damage costs after his studio was flooded.

The cost of the destruction was not covered by insurance, so his sister-in-law Fiona Hinchey set up a crowdfunding page which has so far raised more than £4,200 from 125 donations, allowing Sam and his team to start rebuilding.

As well as financial assistance, customers and local tradesmen have given their spare time to help get the business back on its feet, including cleaning service, Blitz & Go Cleaning among others.

Sam, 30, said he was amazed by the response to his ordeal, and that the business would not have been able to open again without such kindness and support.

He said: "I feel absolutely overwhelmed that people really want to see it back open and they want to go to these lengths to help us.

"There’s been a real community feel - I can’t believe how generous people are being."

The studio has also received help from afar, with volunteer groups from Manchester and Leicester travelling to York to help out.

Sam said: "We’ve had so many messages of support, and it’s been really nice to hear how valued the studios are.

"We don’t always get told this, but it’s obvious the customers want to see the studio opened again. It’s a very valuable asset to the York music scene."

To help raise more money for the refurbishment, local band Boxcar Riders will perform at The Knavesmire pub as part of a benefit gig on Friday, January 29, with all donations going to help rebuild the studio.

Sam said: "It’s definitely allowed us to get going with the rebuild as quickly as possible and hopefully we’ll only be closed for a month or two at the most.

"Obviously it’s very disappointing and heart-breaking, but we’re going get back open again so it’s going to be all right."