A BBC York presenter must pay £320 after an unprovoked attack on his girlfriend's ex-partner during a night out in York.

Jericho Keys, of Waverley Street in The Groves, York, left Robert Major's face swollen and bruised when he repeatedly punched him in the head at the And All That Could Have Been bar, in The Stonebow, on December 20.

He pleaded guilty on Thursday assault by beating.

The 26-year-old BBC Introducing and Radio 1 presenter had known Mr Major professionally but did not realise it was his girlfriend's ex until he saw the victim playing a DJ set inside the bar, and confronted him about how he treated his partner when they were a couple.

Kim Coley, prosecuting, said: "At 3am Mr Major saw the defendant approach his DJ booth and assumed he was going to ask for a song.

"However, he said "You alright?" and before Mr Major could reply he had been punched around the face and head.

"The complainant managed to restrain him and he said he thought he could've been stabbed."

Mr Major told police he had never seen the defendant before and described the punches as using "clenched fists and both arms".

Miss Coley added: "The defendant told police he fully admitted hitting the DJ because he had been provoking him for weeks.

"He said he saw this lad who had given him dirty looks and claimed the victim had previously given him dirty looks when he had seen him at gigs."

Keys told officers he had approached him at the side of the stage and asked Mr Major what his problem was, then hit him.

He told the police he was sorry and would do anything to make up for what he had done.

The DJ is currently suspended from his job.

A BBC spokesman said after the case: “It was made clear in court that Jericho is very remorseful about what happened. He remains suspended and we will discuss his future with him in due course.”

Mark Whitfield, defending Keys, said: "He went over to Mr Major to speak to him about the way he had treated his girlfriend.

"However, for some reason he can't explain, he lost his temper and grabbed the man in a headlock and hit him around the head.

"He is a young man who has struggled with his mental health and has been diagnosed with depression.

"This depression has had quite and impact on him and makes him quite an anxious person in how he approaches life.

"He had a meeting on the Thursday of that week which discussed him taking on a more high profile role. He should have been very pleased by this but because of his anxious state he was worried about it.

"Mr Keys has demonstrated both in his conduct at the scene and in police interview that he is full of remorse and this was completely out of character."

Keys was fined £115 for the offence and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mr Major, a £85 court costs and a £20 surcharge.