THOUSANDS flocked to see the World Wheelie Championships at Elvington Airfield today.

Riders came from around the world to compete in the event, which also attracted international media interest.

The crowds saw Gary Rothwell attempt to break the highest speed for a wheelie. To achieve a successful wheelie, the competitor must ride as fast as possible on the back wheel of their motorbike for a whole kilometre.

With the fastest wheelie of the day, Gary reached 197mph - but was just short of the wheelie world record holder Egbert Van Popta, who reached 199 mph.

Becci Ellis reached the highest speed with a more conventional two-wheel ride at 259 mph.

Trevor Duckworth, race organiser, said: "It has been the best one we have ever done. We've never had this amount of interest before. I think it's caught the imagination of people.

"The wheelie is popular and it's the only event where people can do what they do."

Riders came from around the country, with several from the York area including Dave ‘Dodge’ Rogers and Tom Swales.

Of the 59 entrants, other riders came from as far afield as the US, Sweden, Finland and France.

Meanwhile, the event also featured a range of quirkier record attempts, including World’s Fastest Shopping Trolley and World’s Fastest Toilet. By the end of yesterday, the World's Fastest Shed looked to have the edge, reaching speeds of 70mph.