NEW Zealand's Tiny Ruins will play the moorland Band Room at Low Mill, Farndale, tomorrow with the harvest moon in the night sky to add to the beauty of the setting.

"I've been to the Moors before, so I know how beautiful Yorkshire is" says Auckland singer-songwriter and guitarist Hollie Fullbrook, who is touring with bass player Cass Basil and drummer Alexander Freer.

Hollie will be promoting Tiny Ruins' second album of folk blues and dream pop, Brightly Painted One, released on former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde's Bella Union in May. "We signed to them last year. We had the album all ready to go and completely finished, but then we played a show in our home city of Auckland and Simon was in the audience," she says.

"He said he'd really like to release it on his label but it would have to wait for six months or so, and we went along with that."

After all, meeting Simon Raymonde had been serendipitous.

"The show was only a showcase, like The Great Escape shows but very small scale, in this dark dungeon room, and we basically did it as a warm-up for the band for an upcoming tour. Alex, the drummer, turned up just about 15 seconds before the start and had to run on stage, and that gave it the frazzled energy we needed.

"We make pretty delicate music on record, but depending on how far we've driven or how little sleep we've had, we draw on what energy we have left to make a wilder show."

It turned out four labels were represented at the Aucklabnd showcase, but Hollie had her heart set on only one. "Bella Union have been one of my favourite labels for years, and Simon Raymonde is so personable and he believes in us and fights for us, which is great."

Hollie may have been "psychologically ready" to release Brightly Painted One last year having worked on the follow-up to 2011's Some Were Meant For The Sea for most of the year in The Lab's warren of passageways and small rooms in Auckland, but Raymonde's decision to hold it back gave the band a break over the New Zealand summer.

"Our hair has gone a light orange colour from all the sun, as we've gone from the New Zealand summer to the British one," says Hollie.

Now that this year's album has been out for five months, Hollie can identity a unifying theme to songs that are in turn hopeful and world-weary.

"I guess I know the material better than anyone as it's based on my life experiences and people I know, so I can see an arc to the songs that tell of a journey, either physical or psychological," she says.

"It has a shape to it, where there's a definite sense of the two songs in the middle, Straw Into Gold and Ballad Of The Hanging Parcel, turning the direction of the album around."

Among the year's highlights for Hollie's band was joining New Zealand compatriot Neil Finn as special guests on the Crowded House frontman's European tour. Again serendipity struck, leading to Finn filming and directing a video for Brightly Painted One's opening track and single Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens, while they were on the road.

"Neil has developed an interest in film and he had a camera on tour with him, filming things that he likes to edit and stick together," says Hollie.

"As it's a new hobby, he said 'why don't I do a video for you?, so he filmed me playing that song at the sound-check, when I was looking scruffy, and in the concert, when I was looking more professional, and then placed the two images of me facing each other," says Hollie.

"It's a very charming video with footage of ducks and kayaks on a river, and he really enjoyed doing it, finishing it off while we were in the UK. At first we didn't know what we were going to do with it, but we put it on Facebook and it's gone down well."

One question may still be on your lips. Why are Tiny Ruins so named, Hollie? "It must have been about five years ago, I was trying to think of a band name, and I was reading about ruins in a book, as I was listening to this song by Tiny Bradshaw; his version of She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain; a very fun and jovial song," she says. "'Ruins' is a contrast to that, so Tiny Ruins it was."

Tiny Ruins, The Band Room, Low Mill, Farndale, Kirkbymoorside, tomorrow, 7.30pm. Box office: or 01751 432900.