YESTERDAY the inquest into Naomi Coley-Rogan’s death on railway tracks in York was held.

It goes without saying that this was a tragic incident, not only for Naomi but for others involved, and not least the train driver who had to live with what happened on the day of her death, as well as with reliving his experience at the hearing.

Shockingly, the driver has had to wait almost eight years for that hearing, because Naomi’s death took place back in 2006. The Press was even told back in June 2008 that the inquest would be held in a matter of months, but nothing came of it.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Naomi’s inquest is not the only one outstanding in the city, according to York’s new acting senior coroner. Now, as a matter of urgency, we understand that he is arranging for them to be concluded as soon as possible.

We are glad to hear it, and hope that these hearings will bring long-overdue relief to those left behind, and enable them to move on with their lives.