The family of a man who died from a heart attacked triggered by a disease have paid for young men to be screened for the illness.

Michael Land, 28, passed away in his sleep two years ago when an undiagnosed lung disease called haemorrhagic pneumonitis attacked his healthy body.

Since the entrepreneur's death, his family have raised more than £22,000 for the Cardiac Risk in the Young charity, and have now paid £4,200 for 100 14 to 35-year-olds to attend a screening session on September 7 to help them avoid the same fate as Mr Land, formerly of Colenso Street, off Bishopthorpe Road, York.

The family are now urging men to take advantage of the checks by signing up for the session at York Railway Institute, New Lane, Acomb.

Mr Land's mum, Ruth Cain, said: "Michael was a very fit youth. He was 28 when he passed away, but had no symptoms.

"We raised money for a defibrillator last year and wanted to do this.

"The doctors normally find a couple of irregularities which they can help, and it's probably something they can correct in its early stages.

"I hope they don't find something, but the normally do, and it's worthwhile doing this."

Mr Land was found by his fiancée Louise Watling on the morning of her birthday.

The former head of Yorkshire Fitness Hire LTD had recently learned he had made it through to the final stages to appear on TV show Dragons’ Den, to try and win funding from business experts for his company.

Testing is carried out through an Electrocardiogram (ECG). Small electrodes are placed around the heart and attached to a machine, which will to provide the reading to a radiologist.

Brother Frazer Land added: "We don't want any places to go to waste at all.

"It's a free screening for heart disease and shows up any abnormalities, heart murmurs or difficulties."

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