WORK on safety improvements to a busy road in York is expected to start today and last for about five weeks.

A new cycle route on University Road and a new 20mph zone are among the changes being introduced by City of York Council in partnership with the University of York. The improvements aim to make the area more accessible and safer for both students and residents, said a council spokeswoman.

The five-week programme starts today and will take place between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Speed cushions will be created after the Yorkshire Marathon which takes place on October 12.

The first phase will concentrate on improving the safety crossing by the bus stops near Morrell Library/Market Square.

The measures will include relocating the outbound bus stop towards Morrell Way. The speed cushions will be created within the new 20mph zone while the existing central crossing islands will be removed.

Temporary bus stops will be provided during the work.

Temporary traffic lights will be in use on University Road during off-peak periods, and University Road will be closed to traffic from Saturday, September 6, at 8pm, until Sunday, September 7, at 6pm, with a diversion directing motorists onto Hull Road and Field Lane.

Alongside these works, the university plans to build two new stepped accesses to Morrell Library: one providing more direct access to the overhead footbridge from Market Square and the other providing access from Morrell Way.

The existing steps on the northern side of University Road will be removed. Next April additional steps will be built to link to the footbridge from the Market Square side of University Road.

The work was approved at a Cabinet member decision session on August 7.