SCULPTURES paying tribute to hundreds of Great Crested newts are being put back in place at a York shopping centre.

Vangarde Shopping Park was once home to around 300 of the creatures, leading to bosses putting stainless steel replicas in place at the site when it first opened in April.

They were recently removed and taken away to be re-designed, but the work to make them more sustainable is now complete and they have returned to the complex.

Deb O’Donnell, centre manager, said: “We have had visitors asking in large numbers where the newts had gone, which is a testament to their popularity.

“We wanted to ensure the newts had a good length of longevity and they were sustainable to make sure people visiting Vangarde in years to come will enjoy them as much as they are enjoyed today.”

Artist Dan Savage, who designed the newts, said he will be donating ten of the newts to the gardens of Hamilton House in Holgate, which is a home for looked-after children in York.

He said: “These newts have brought a smile to children’s faces visiting Vangarde since it opened.”