VISITORS to an important North Yorkshire archaeological site will have the chance to find out about life in the Stone Age this weekend.

Archaeological investigations are under way at the now-vanished Lake Flixton in the Vale of Pickering where flint tools, bones and evidence of some of the last wild horses in the UK have been uncovered.

The guided tours on Saturday and Sunday, August 23 & 24 will include tours of the dig site, landscape history tours and a chance to see some of the latest finds.

Prof Nicky Milner from the archaeology department at the University of York is leading the investigations.

She said: “The excavations are uncovering the remains of some of the first people to return to Britain after the end of the last Ice Age when rapid climate change resulted in rising temperatures and a more hospitable environment.

“You can see the ground they walked on and the flint tools they made as they hunted and fished for their food.”

The tours will be led by Professor Milner and Don Henson from the University of York.

The open weekend tours take place from 10am to 4pm. The site entrance is located in North Street, Flixton YO11 3UA. A map is provided on the website: