RECORDS tumbled when motorcyclists from all over the country and abroad descended on an airfield near York for a weekend of high speed spectacle.

The Elvington Max Out Speed and Wheelie Weekend, run by Straightliners at Elvington Airfield, saw Becci Ellis reach 264.1mph on a Hayabusa Turbo 1300cc.

Spokeswoman Helen Greathead said this meant Becci, from Scunthorpe, whose husband Mike built her bike, was now the fastest person in England over a mile and also the fastest woman in the world.

She said another new record was set for wheelies- biking on the back wheel - by Dutch rider Egg Van Popta, who achieved 199.4mph on his Hayabusa Turbo 1300cc.

Meanwhile, another record was broken on the monowheel, with Tom Anable from Scunthorpe reaching 62.8mph on the Anables Atom on Saturday, before Kevin Scott from Lincoln hit 65mph on the Warhorse the following day.

Henry Cole from ITV4s the Motorbike Show broke yet another record for Vintage Gasoline on his Triumph 3HW 350cc Pre 1955 with 88.8mph, and Zef Eisenberg from Guernsey set a new Gas Turbine record on his Mad Max Turbine bike with 224.9mph, said Helen.

Martyn Green, from Loughborough, on a Turbine Jet Kart set a new record of 80.2mph, and Peter Williams, from Warrington, the oldest rider at almost 73 years old, managed to get into the 200mph club with a 203.1mph.

" He has been racing and trying to do this for 50 years," said Helen. "This was achieved on his Two Faced Hayabusa."

She said riders from America, Finland, Holland, France, Guernsey and Ireland came to Elvington, but there a few personal bests achieved by local riders as well.

James Deegan from Leeds got into the 200mph club with 205.1mph on a Hayabusa Turbo 1300cc and Dave 'Dodge' Rogers from Gateforth did a wheelie of 171.8mph on a Hayabusa Turbo Slingshot, while Tom Swales from York did a wheelie of 173.2 on a Yamaha R1.