A TEENAGER who has bravely coped with brain tumours and serious illness is due to go on the holiday of a lifetime with her family.

Annabel Lomax, 15, of Skelton, was first diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was ten-years-old. It was removed in an operation but recurred when she was 13.

She has undergone operations to remove both pituitary gland tumours but knows they can recur.

But the Canon Lee pupil has recently had a clear MRI scan and has said she is excited to have been granted a wish to go on holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida by a children's charity.

Her mum Melissa said: "We know that Annabel has been through so much for a child and has taken it in her stride even though it has been very scary for her. I am very proud, she has grown up to be a very strong girl.

"She puts a smile on my face every morning just looking at her and thinking how proud of her I am for being so brave.

"I knew that she would love her wish to go to Florida so I asked her Macmillan nurse if she could help make Annabel's wish come true and she contacted When You Wish Upon a Star and they contacted us to say that Annabel's wish of going to Disney Florida with her mum, dad, sister and nephew has come true. She is so excited and can't wait till we go."

Melissa said her daughter has a "has a life limiting and life threatening illness" which was first picked up when she was at primary school.

As part of the operations Annabel has had her pituitary gland removed, meaning that she dependent on medicine. She has hormone replacement tablets and growth hormones and has an emergency pack to carry anywhere she goes.

She also undergoes MRI scans every six months and blood tests because the tumours can recur.

Annabel said: "I was speechless when I found out about the holiday, I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe it."

Explaining her bravery, she said: "I have just had to get on with things and say 'this is it now' so I have to be brave and get round it somehow."

As she had hoped, she will be joined on holiday by mum and dad Melissa and David, sister Jessica and nephew Leo.