SEVERAL garages and a house were broken into in the Heworth area of York last night.

North Yorkshire Police said a Saracen men’s road bike was taken from a garage in a road called Green Sward, and a neighbour’s garage was also broken into, but it was not yet known what was taken.

Another garage was broken into in Hempland Drive but again it was not known if anything was taken.

A house was also broken into overnight in Stockton Lane via an insecure window, and the car keys were taken but the car was not stolen.

Detective Inspector Shaun Page, of North Yorkshire Police, said that at this time of year, many people were going away on holiday and it was important for them to bear their home security in mind before they left.

“Make sure your home and outbuildings are properly secure and remember to cancel any regular deliveries which can build up on your doorstep, tipping off thieves that you are away," he said.

“It is also a good idea to ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property and please ensure you don’t advertise the fact that you are going on holiday on social media.

"Use timer switches on lights to make you’re home look occupied in the evening, if possible leave a car in your driveway or ask a neighbour to park there car on your driveway whilst you’re away."