A YORK solicitor is being investigated over allegations of dishonesty and financial irregularities a year after closing his office.

The Solicitors Regulations Authority (SRA) has issued an intervention order following investigations into Philip Crowe.

Mr Crowe had operated his own firm Philip Crowe Solicitor, which traded from Boroughbridge Road under the banner The Affordable Law Company.

However the business reportedly closed in July last year upon Mr Crowe's retirement.

Around 60 live matters along with other client documents, were passed on to York-firm Hethertons Solicitors, however a few files were kept by Mr Crowe.

It is believed those cases have lead to the investigation.

The SRA said there was "reason to suspect dishonesty on the part of Mr Crowe in connection with his practice".

It added: "The committee was satisfied in accordance with Schedule 1 Part 1 Paragraph 1(1)(m) Solicitors Act 1974 that there is a requirement to protect the interests of clients (former or potential) of Philip Crowe and the interest of any beneficiaries of any trust of which Philip Crowe is or was a trustee."

The SRA has published a decision on July 16, 2014, to close the practice, with John Owen of Gordons appointed intervening agent.

Simon Nellar, senior partner at Hethertons, said: "Philip closed his business on retirement . He had a number of clients and documents, and we took possession of them.

"He shut the doors to the office, but kept a couple of files he was dealing with himself. It's in relation to one of those that the SRA has discovered a problem.

"The investigation has nothing to do with the work we took on, or the clients that have been passed to us by Philip."

Mr Nellar described Philip Crowe Solicitor as a small practitioner, with Mr Crowe the only solicitor employed at the business when it closed.

Law Society records show Philip Crowe was admitted as a solicitor on 15 December 1977.

He should not be confused with Philip Crowe, an employment solicitor at Yorkshire-based law firm Gordons, who was admitted on 1 September 2006.