THE people of Orsogna in Italy brought five of their city's Talami plays to York as part of the city's Mystery Plays on Waggons.

The Associazione Culturale from Orsogna, a small town in the Abruzzo region brought their very own Mystery Plays, the ‘Talami’ to Dean’s Park as a free event on Saturday (July 19).

Like the York Mystery Plays, the Talami are created and presented by a group of largely professional women and men with a desire to keep alive the old traditions of Easter processions which are very particular to Orsogna.

The award winning Talami are traditionally held on Easter Monday in honour of ‘Our Lady of the Refuge’ and are tableaux rather than plays.

Very like the four yearly Mystery Plays, while the biblical stories represented themselves are timeless, the themes change to reflect the experiences of local people.