ODD socks or spare buttons are what most people unearth in a second hand chest of drawers.

But Elanor Dunn's furniture provided her with an unexpected history lesson when she discovered a 14-year-old's school leavers report from 1916 inside the latest addition to her home.

The radiographer, from Bishopfields Drive, York, bought the piece from Banana Warehouse, on Piccadilly, but it was only when she brought it home that she found the report of Edward Batters' - a former pupil of Park Grove School - inside a 1989 copy of The Press.

Miss Dunn, 30, a radiographer at York Hospital, said: "When I saw it I thought it was a piece of treasure.

"It was nice because it was really well preserved, but I was surprised at how old it was.

"It's a really complimentary report.

"He was leaving school at 14 during the First World War, and it included a reference saying what a model student he was, and it recommended his character.

"It says he was very reliable, a good character, and his teacher said he had been in his care for a few years and was worth employing in the future."

Miss Dunn is attempting to trace the family of Mr Batters, and has already had offers from people willing to help her on Facebook.

She added: "I'm no great historian, but I take an interest in the past, and I would like to see if there's any of his family left that I can get in touch with.

"I had a look online, but the person I found died in 1985 without any children."

Anyone with information about Edward Batters or his family can call The Press on 01904 567156 or email alexander.ross@thepress.co.uk