TEENAGE girls joined in lessons in health, beauty and well-being at a Body Confidence event in York.

Around 25 pupils in Year 9 at Joseph Rowntree School took part in the educational but fun day at the Coppergate Centre.

Local businesses including Fenwick, Topshop, The Body Shop,Trade Secret and Bagel Nash staged workshops for the youngsters on subjects including skincare, looking after your hair, dressing for your shape and healthy eating.

Lorna Galdas, Young People's Activity Officer, at City of York Council, ran workshops on keeping fit, choosing healthy snacks and the media's portrayal of girls and women in magazines.

Lorna said: "I want to draw their attention to the fact that guidelines recommend young people do 60 minutes of physical activity every day. A lot of young people aren't reaching that."

Lorna said the entire event was a "fantastic idea". She added: "It is a great way to raise awareness for young girls that healthy can look like different things and not just be about weight."

Joseph Rowntree pupils Ellie Nendick (CORR) and friend Imogen Black, both aged 14, were impressed with the day.

Ellie said: "We've learned lots of things about make-up but also that you don't have to be a perfect size to feel confident with your body."

Imogen added: " Most girls have this image that you have to be skinny with a perfect face and hair and make-up, but it's how you are yourself."

The girls said they felt fairly healthy; they both played netball and danced and were conscious about eating well.

Elly said: "We go to McDonald's on Saturday, but Monday to Friday, we are quite good."