Mothers-to-be hoping to have babies at home tomorrow (Saturday) face disappointment because of the Tour.

NHS bosses have suspended the home delivery option for 24 hours because of congestion fears.

York Teaching Hospitals trust says "in the interests of patient safety, and to reduce risks to women and babies", the service will be suspended for 24 hours from 4.30pm on Saturday (5).

Liz Ross, Head of Midwifery, said: “We want to reassure women and their partners that their safety and the safety of their baby is our top priority.

“We have put a number of plans in place to prepare for the Tour de France including allocating staff who work locally to work within the maternity unit that weekend.

“We have also allocated additional staff to be on call and in maternity triage and have made arrangement for partners to stay over, and mothers and babies to stay longer in the unit, if they are unable to get home after giving birth."

But women who do go into Labour who were on the books for a home birth will now have to go into hospital during the period.

She continued: "Due to potential access difficulties or delays of Community Midwives and emergency ambulances, should they be required during labour and birth, we made the decision to suspend the home birth service for a 24 hour period.

“Women who are due to give birth at home during this period are invited to visit the Hospital to see the low risk birthing environments we have available.”

Throughout this period, Midwives will be available to seek advice, support and guidance, she added.