TOP councillors in York have welcomed the news that Government plans to scrap its controversial camera car have been reined in.

Local Government secretary Eric Pickles last month announced plans to stop "over-zealous" councils using the CCTV vehicles to issue nine million parking fines a year.

Now he has abandoned the plans and has told the Commons that after a consultation, the Government had no objections to camera cars being used when it was impossible to have an enforcement officer patrolling the streets.

He said: "What we have done is stopped cameras going out patrolling the streets in order to make money rather than to protect children. I think we have passed the test of protecting children."

"We consulted, we listened to the consultation and where it is not possible to have an enforcement officer present at the school then we have no objection at all for cameras to be used."

York's Cabinet Member for Education, Children and Young People, Cllr Janet Looker said:

“The camera car is about enforcing parking restrictions outside schools and in other areas where they are in place for congestion reduction and for the safety of the public.

"Restrictions are in place for a reason and I see nothing controversial in saying that it’s not ok to park illegally, even if Mr Pickles thinks it is, so I’m pleased his decision has been overturned”.

“Any enforcement should be open and proportionate and the current system delivers that”.