A CLEAN up operation is underway in South Milford near Selby after flash floods last night.

Water flooded into some homes on the High Street when heavy rain hit with a blocked drain in the area.

Sandbags were still in place outside some properties this morning, and last night emergency services told residents to move their valuables upstairs.

At the Queen o't'owd Thatch pub on High Street landlord Adam Tracey said he first noticed the problem at around 9pm.

He said: "Water was running down the road outside the hotel, but it didn't get into the pub.

"There was some sandbagging last night, and this morning there's debris around.

"There was a lot of rain last night, and the village can flood but that hasn't happened for a while."

Selby District Council and firefighters all helped with the clear up.

A council spokesman said: “Last night we helped with the emergency response to flooding in South Milford alongside our partners North Yorkshire County Council and the emergency services.

“Our Community Support Officers arranged for the delivery of sandbags and the nearby community centre was opened as a rest place, which fortunately wasn’t needed in the end. The first service used a high volume pump to lower the water level which was very effective.

“Our Community Support Officers have gone back this morning to South Milford to assess what additional help and support is needed.”

The fire service was called at about 9.40pm and sent three fire crews from Tadcaster and Acomb, as well as a high volume pump from Harrogate.

The crews worked until around 1am pumping water out of various properties, a spokesman said.

One resident told Radio York water had been kept out of her home by a special flood defence door fitted after floods seven years ago, but neighbours had not been so lucky and seen water come into their homes.

This morning the water had subsided and a Yorkshire Water spokesman said staff had been out to the village this morning, but had not yet established whether the flood had been caused by a blocked drain or water course.