A SCHOOLGIRL from York has become the face of a national advertising campaign.

Eleven-year-old Helena Coughlin, pictured , who lives with her mum and dad in Clifton, is currently starring in a television campaign as one of the faces of York-based Benenden Health, a mutual health - care provider.

The advert shows members of the provider talking about their own experiences. Helena is shown talking about her own health worry when she suffered a spate of severe headaches that often made her collapse.

Following an MRI scan and consultation to diagnose the problem, Helena was diagnosed with migraines and was given advice on how to manage the condition and prescribed medication to be given if she did have an attack.

The Forest of Galtres Primary School pupil said: “The pain in my head was getting worse and worse, so I was really pleased when I was able to get some help for it. The diagnosis given by the consult - ant really helped to take away the stress my family and I had about not knowing what was wrong.

“I really enjoyed going to London to film the advert – about 40 Benenden members from all over the UK took part. I found it scary but exciting.”

Helena has one of the only speak - ing parts and is shown with about 40 other Benenden members in the advert which aired for the first time on May 15.

It will run for the next month on ITV Breakfast, ITV digital, Chan - nel 4 digital and Sky channels.

Benenden Health was founded nearly 100 years ago and is based in Holgate. It provides healthcare services funded by the combined contributions of more than 900,000 members.